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Why do people buy clothes for their pets?

Author: Helen

Mar. 07, 2024

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Tags: Textiles & Leather Products

Dopamine Dressing , Chanel Style, Y2K, when these words with cats and dogs together, once familiar clothing style is not become a little strange? Home clothes, storm jackets, POLO shirts, and changing clothes become the daily OOTD for dogs. Pet clothing is chasing the trend of human fashion, and has become the fashion item of pet owners. However, what clothes have you seen? As a pet owner, have you ever bought beautiful little clothes for your pet?

As a new market in the pet economy, pet clothing is still mainly low-price products. Most host regards clothing as the ornament of whim only, put on to take a photograph will take off, there is no need to buy the product of high unit price naturally. Therefore, pet clothing brands are faced with the problems of unclear customer value perception and low sales of middle and high-end products. This paper will start from the perspective of improving the value of pet clothing products and analyze how the existing pet clothing products improve the value of clothing value from three aspects of new function, aesthetics and expression.

Is it worth buying expensive clothes for your pet?

Although the pet economy is booming, the market share of pet clothing brands is small, and there is still a lot of space for development.

For pet owners, in addition to the basic functional protection, pet clothing is more used as decorations for occasional photos. Considering the preferences of pets themselves for clothing and their adaptability to the environment, pets will not wear clothing for a long time, which greatly limits the use frequency and time of clothing. In addition, cats and dogs have poor adaptability to clothing and active habits. In addition to printing and color matching, it is difficult to make exaggerated or personalized design, and it is difficult for pet owners to perceive its design value. Therefore, buying middle and high-end products has become an expensive and unnecessary choice.

Therefore, the sense of value design has become an important issue of pet clothing. How to make the clothes of cats and dogs have a higher sense of value, and how to let the pet owners feel the value of clothing, is the content to be discussed in this article.

Features or good-looking? Where should the money go on buying clothes?

Buying clothes for pets is like parents buying clothes for their children, to be good and practical, not only to meet the baby's aesthetic, but also to have the most basic protection, it is best to reflect the taste of the "donor", functional, aesthetic, expression is essential. Pet brands adopt the method of "technological fabric + scientific plate making" and scene division, integrate the popular elements and aesthetic of human society to enhance the product functionality, and use the brand to enhance the pet clothing to enhance the product expression, and meet the professional, aesthetic and personalized needs of the pet owners to enhance the value perception of the product, emptying the wallet for a small dress.

Professional protection? Daily wear? Improved functionality is essential

  • For small dogs and short-haired breeds, a warm down jacket is important in winter, but for sled dogs living in cold belt and do not like summer, cool clothes seem essential in summer.Choosing technological fabrics and scientific plate making to provide professional protection is a common choice for pet brands. With the progress of textile technology, sun-protection clothing, cooling clothing and bacteriostatic bed sheets have become popular products for human clothing and home textiles. These fabrics and technologies have also been applied in pet clothing.
  • When taking a bath, you should wear a bath towel, an outdoor look when camping, and a bow when going out to social, so that the clothes of cats and dogs can change with the scene like the owner, which is also a way to improve the function.The product is subdivided into multiple categories according to the seasons and occasions, which is infinitely close to the human taking scene. The functionality of the product is naturally refined and strengthened. In season, pet clothing is often divided into spring and autumn, summer and winter, with knitted vest and baseball coat; vest, sun hat; down jacket and quilted vest. On the occasion, the division of home, daily outing, camping and mountaineering scenes, and the launch of home clothes, POLO shirts, charge clothes and other clothes adapted to meet the characteristics of the site. Fashion is not only clothing, but also the overall way of life, change when going out, change when sleeping, love pet and master enjoy a delicate life together.

Hot style elements, hot colors, cat and dog clothes and the same fashion as people

In the clothing style design, the application of human fashion design elements to pet clothing can increase its aesthetic attributes. Low-cost clothing often uses diversified prints to replace the version or category design, which reduces the cost of plate making and production and maximizes the beauty of clothing. Higher expensive single product will be more diversified in the version design.

Functional products such as traction ropes and Elizabeth circles can also be designed in fashion to make pet vehicles a part of the clothing. Traction rope can be generally divided into P rope and chest rope, P rope is essentially a trap rope, strong binding force, is often used to traction large dogs or poor degree; and the chest back rope is slightly larger coverage area, small binding force, suitable for pulling small dogs.

Due to the small design space of P rope, the chest back rope is a common choice of fashionable vehicles, such as FIFTEEN PET Y strap small coverage, with gradient as the design highlight to attract female customers; puppytie adds three-dimensional flowers, wings and other designs on the basis of traditional chest back shape, with small dog body to create a lovely effect.

Elizabeth circle is a medical product used in pet sterilization and medication. In order to avoid pet licking injuries, it is usually horn or circular. In order to enhance aesthetic value, Elizabeth circle is often designed in the shape of petals, toast, hamburgers and other shapes.

Brand joint? Art cooperation? Loving pets is also an attitude

Cooperate with clothing brands or artists with distinctive personality to enhance the expressive value of clothing. The expression of clothing includes the wearer's personality, emotion, values, etc., which is constrained by the living place and occupation. It is difficult for consumers to express themselves through clothing on all occasions, and pet clothing can be used as one of the channels for pet owners' self-expression or compensatory expression.

In general, the value enhancement idea of pet clothing is similar to human clothing, respectively from the three perspectives of functionality, beauty and expression, to give pets more professional performance protection and detailed scene division; through style design and color selection, make clothing and vehicles more decorative; and through the brand values, make pet clothing become one of the ways for pet owners to express life attitude.

With the further development of pet economy, it can be predicted that pet clothing will also usher in a vigorous development like pet toys and intelligent products. At that time, there will be more professional and designed products on the market to provide more choices for pet owners.

  • Millennials are spending more than $400 on designer dog clothes, according to Fashionista.
  • As millennials delay traditional milestones, like getting married, buying a house, or having children, they're choosing to be pet owners instead.

  • In a world where raising kids is a six-figure undertaking, spoiling a pet is less expensive.


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Millennials love their dogs — so much that they're willing to spend more than $400 on clothes for them.

That's the price of a high-end dog puffer jacket from a collaboration between luxury brand Moncler Genius and Poldo Dog Couture, reported Maria Bobila for Fashionista.

They're not the only ones to tap into the luxury dog clothing market — Very Important Puppies (V.I.P.) offers streetwear-inspired dogwear for between $160 and $202, and fashion brand Hemsmith launched a line of dogwear that includes a crewneck tee for $48 and hoodie for $60, Bobila reported.

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Why do people buy clothes for their pets?

Raising kids is so expensive in America that millennials are prioritizing their pets instead and dropping up to $400 on designer dog clothes



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