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Don’T Be Fooled, These Cottons Are Not Pure Cotton! !

Author: Evelyn

May. 20, 2024

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Tags: Textiles & Leather Products

At present, there are many textiles named after "cotton" on the market, such as aloe vera cotton, memory cotton, down cotton, pearl cotton, etc. Although their names contain cotton, none of their fabrics are made of cotton!

Today we will take a look at those textile fabrics that have cotton in their names but are not made of cotton. Friends who want to buy pure cotton bedding must distinguish these cottons clearly.

01Artificial cotton

The material of artificial cotton is actually viscose (viscose fiber), which is viscose short fiber spun from natural polymer compounds such as cellulose or protein through chemical processing.


The appearance and feel of artificial cotton are very similar to cotton fiber, but it is more hygroscopic and softer than cotton. It is also cheaper than cotton fiber, but it wrinkles easily and the fiber strength is not as good as cotton. It is often used for summer underwear and home clothes. Make.

02 memory foam

Memory foam is also called space cotton. The material is not cotton fiber, but a material made of polyurethane. It has the characteristics of slow rebound and temperature sensitivity (can change different softness and hardness according to temperature). Therefore, it is often used as a filling material in the production of mattresses and pillow cores.


03 down cotton


Down cotton is also called hollow cotton or silk cotton. It is neither cotton nor down. It is a type of polyester fiber (polyester). After special processing, it has a texture similar to that of down, so it is called down cotton. Because down cotton has similar properties to down, it is often used in cold-proof clothing, sleeping bags, camping equipment, etc. It is lightweight and warm.


04 pearl cotton

Pearl cotton is a granular material formed by physical foaming of low-density polyethylene. It has the characteristics of good thermal insulation performance, softness, high elasticity and easy to clean. Generally, it can regain its fluffiness and is not easy to move after being washed and dried. Therefore, it is often used as a filling material. Most pillows on the market are filled with pearl cotton.


05 aloe vera cotton

Aloe vera cotton is a fabric made from aloe vera fiber and made through a certain chemical process. It is actually a polyester fiber fabric, and its appearance and feel are similar to cotton fiber.


Aloe vera cotton has a soft touch and bright color. It has the advantages of high color fastness, moisture absorption and breathability, good drape, antistatic and not easy to pilling. It is often used to make bed sheets and quilt tops, and is a popular home fabric both at home and abroad.

06 Loka cotton

Roca cotton is also a polyester fiber fabric that first appeared in the United States. This kind of fabric feels soft and skin-friendly, is washable, mildew-proof and anti-wrinkle. It is commonly used in four-piece summer bedding sets and is mainly used for air-conditioning quilt tops.


There are also some post-processing processes called "cotton" on the market, such as washed cotton, knitted cotton (Tianzhu cotton), etc. These are fabric processing processes. Most fabrics (polyester, polyester cotton, lyocell, etc.) Can do these crafts. Products with the word "cotton" on the market are not necessarily cotton. Friends who want to buy pure cotton bedding remember to look at the wash labels and don't be misled by the name containing cotton.



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