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Organic Cotton T-shirt

As a professional eco-friendly garment manufacturer, the China hemp organic cotton T-shirt factory price is one of our main products. Organic cotton is non-genetically modified, literally grown organically in subtropical regions, such as India, China, and Turkey, as well as some area in the USA. It is one of the most environment-friendly and sustainable natural fibers for clothes and home textile making. More and more people now like to wear the clothes made from eco-friendly material, it means more and more persons realized how important the health is not only for ourselves but also for the earth which we are living in. Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton does not contain any chemicals, because organic cotton was grown from non-genetically modified plants without the use of any Insecticides, chemical fertilizers, and weedicides. It is so safe and so feels so comfortable, organic cotton is very suitable to make baby clothes, in fact, it is good for all clothes and home textile products. Organic cotton is totally green, nowadays it plays a more and more important role with other ecological fibers.

Product Details

Realchance is a professional China hemp organic cotton T-shirt manufacturer, supply high quality&factory price hemp organic cotton T-shirt, if you want to wholesale high quality&factory price hemp organic cotton T-shirt, welcome to consult wholesale hemp organic cotton T-shirt for free.
Many leading companies which are managing textile products such as Walmart and Nike have switched to organic cotton. As the market got bigger, more and more traditional cotton producing countries convert conventional cotton production to organic production, such as China, India, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, and Australia. Every year, we do a lot of wholesale hemp organic cotton T-shirt to the market of Australia, U.S.A, Netherland, and another European country.
Organic cotton can be made into a China hemp organic cotton T-shirt manufacturer directly by itself, it also can be blended with many other fibers for achieving new fabric performance. The most popular blend with other material is 55% hem 45% organic cotton.

Certificate of GOTS

How can we be sure that the products are organic?
It must with the certificate of GOTS, GOTS means The Global Organic Textile Standard, it is the worldwide leading organic fibers textile standard.

Why we use organic

1. We use organic cotton because it is not healthy for ourselves and healthy for the planet too. Less energy, no pesticides, no insecticides, no chemical fertilizer are used for its growing, it is not only good for the soil and environment, but also safe for the farmers who grow it. It reduces environmental footprint.
2. Saves water, We are living in such an environment deteriorating and resource-poor age, the water gets more and more precious in the future. To grow organic cotton will help us to alleviate this pressure because organic cotton needs much less water to irrigate because generally, it is 80% rain-fed.
3. There is some fact that you maybe don’t know, the cottonseed oil is widely used in varied food such as cookies and chips, and it’s also fed to domestic animals. The fiber of cotton which we wear does not go into our body, but its by-products do.

Ordering Steps of Organic Cotton T-shirt

1. Sampling: We will make the sample as per the customer’s detailed design sheet. It needs around 7 to 10 days.
2. Approval: We will send the sample to the customer for approval and comments.
If it’s good, we will sign a buying contract with the customer, if not, make the sample again.
3. Starting production: With the approval from customer, sales confirmation – the contract will be signed, and then, next step, to start the fabric production. It needs about 30 days.
4. Garment sewing: Arrange the order sewing when the fabric is ready.
5. Packing: We do customized packing after the final inspection.
6. Payment terms: Generally 30% of the total amount as deposit, and balance against the copy of B/L by sea or before shipping by air.
7. Shipping: We will arrange the shipping in different ways as per the customer’s request.

Technical Parameters of Organic Cotton T-shirt

To door service procedures for reference
Way of shipping Freight details Time on the way Cost
To door via sea shipping Sea freight 30 days Depends on the destination, the cargo weight and season
From Port To Door 15 days
Totally 45 days
To door via air shipping Air freight 5-6 days Depends on the destination, the cargo weight and season
From Port To Door 5-7 days
Totally 10 to 14 days
To door via Express Deliver via DHL, UPS or FedEx One week Depends on the destination, the cargo weight and season

MOQ of Organic Cotton T-shirt
The MOQ for the organic cotton shirt is 300 pc each color.

Colors of Organic Ctotton T-shirt
Customized, generally, we offer color lab-dips in A B C options as per the PANTONE color code customer provided, and the customer will choose the best match, if no one is good, the second round will go.

Accessories of Organic Cotton T-shirt
Yes, we do customized accessories, and we generally suggest customer use sustainable materials for accessories making, for example, the packing bags made from corn flour, the hang tag string of hemp and the button of wood or coconut, they all can help to reduce the harmful impact to the Earth.

Size of Organic Cotton T-shirt
We’d like to have the customized size chart for we have some available regular size for the U.S market and European market.

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