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How to remove oil stains on leather clothing


Leather clothing is the best choice for us to welcome the spring, but wearing favorite clothing can not avoid stains. We can simply rinse the stains like leather clothing, but the real stains are more troublesome. Because the oil stains penetrate the surface of the clothing faster and if not treated in time, it will affect the appearance of the clothing.

Let us briefly cite some common oil stain treatment methods in life. For example, when cooking oil is splashed on clothing, it is more common. As the saying goes, we can use solvent gasoline to clean the surface of leather clothing. Of course this method Not suitable for T-shirts, it can be cleaned up by rinsing with water after wiping with solvent gasoline.

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Machine oil is often contacted by most workshop employees. It is inevitable that it will be contaminated with oil during work. Consumers think of machine oil as the first feeling that it is dirty. Of course, machine oil stains are more difficult to clean than ordinary oil stains. If the oil stain area is small, we can use gasoline to scrub. If the oil stain is too large, use a cotton cloth to absorb it on the surface of the garment, and then iron it to remove the oil stain in the leather garment.

Another common type of oil stain is asphalt. When repairing roads, asphalt is often accidentally splashed on clothing. Usually, soap is scrubbed when the asphalt is not solidified, and then the mixture is soaked in water. Leather clothing and advertising shirts stained with asphalt can also be used to remove asphalt stains. After the soaking time is reached, take it out and rinse with water.

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