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How to distinguish the meaning of children’s clothing labels


It is inevitable to buy clothes for children at home in life, but there are also some things to pay attention to when buying clothes for children. After all, this year because of the unqualified quality of clothes, there are not a few cases of children’s health, so we must draw the attention of our parents. Also, learn to correctly distinguish the meaning of children’s clothing labels.

We should first identify the production address of the clothing. Normally, authentic clothing produced by a regular manufacturer will be marked with the manufacturer of the clothing and the location of the manufacturer. Even the address of the manufacturer of a T-shirt will be marked in great detail. If we are in children’s clothing These are not found in the label, so most of these clothing are counterfeit products.

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Of course, it is inevitable to pay attention to the clothing model when buying children’s clothing, but we must choose the fabric of the clothing according to the usual personality and hobbies. Like many children in their lives are more fun, then we must choose some comfortable and soft clothing for them, so as not to There are muscle strains during the exercise, and the label will also indicate the measurement value suitable for children. We can just observe it slightly.

The most important thing should be the clothing cleaning label and clothing content label. If there is a laundry tub or washing machine style pattern, it means that the clothing can be washed with this material, including the advertising shirt will also be marked with such a note, if the label is The suggested formaldehyde content is less than 75 milligrams, because the formaldehyde of personally worn clothing will have health effects on the body when the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, so parents are reminded to pay attention to the above issues when buying children’s clothing.

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