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Hemp Tencel Shirt

Hemp tencel shirt is another main product we are currently supplying to Australian and U.S market. Hemp tencel shirt is made from 55% hemp 45% Tencel, with the fabric weight of 150 gram per square meter. Hemp, as one of the most eco-friendly textile material, it is a 100% natural vegetable fiber which is naturally biodegradable. It needs no insecticides, weedicides and chemical fertilizers during its growth, it came from soil and will go back to soil finally, all that it brought from land will be returned back to land, it is so green and clean to the planet we are living in. without leaving anything harmful behind.

Tencel is another great eco-friendly fiber which made from wood, it is kind of artificial fiber which is extracted from eucalyptus tree that grown in sustainable plantations. But we have to clear that all the solvent or materials used for Tencel’s transformation are 100% recycled, no pollution at all. Tencel possesses some amazing features which hemp also have, like naturally anti-bacterial, breathable, moisture absorbing, and Tencel also possesses some unique features which hemp does not have, for example, it is extremely soft with excellent drapability like silk, and its wrinkle resistance is better than hemp fiber.

Product Details

The blended fabric of hemp and Tencel combines the advantages of two different eco-friendly fibers perfectly. It drapes beautifully, looks elegant and feels very comfortable. And because of its excellent breathability and hygroscopicity, it is recommended for hot and wet climates.

We have been devoted to the production of eco-friendly garments for long years. We stick to the green materials which are sustainable, degradable, and friendly to the environment because we think we should be as kind as possible to the planet we are living on. In our mind, dressing well means more than just looking good. As a fact, I love hemp so much personally, that’s why I always try to share with people how wonderful the hemp is.

As the most popular natural fiber, cotton is not as eco-friendly as hemp, hemp fiber does not require any fungicides, herbicides or pesticides during its growing, because hemp possesses very strong vitality like wild grass, and it’s also naturally resistant to mildew and the UV rays in sunlight! Current tests and researchers show that hemp can kill staph and other bacteria on its surface.

Realchance is a professional China hemp tencel shirt manufacturer, supply high quality&factory price hemp tencel shirt for men and women, if you want to wholesale high quality&factory price hemp tencel shirt, welcome to consult wholesale hemp tencel shirt for free.

How to start an order

1. Sampling against ordering intention: We will make samples according to customer’s design or detailed requirement. It generally takes 10 working days to finish the sample making.
2. Sample approval: The samples will be sent to the customer for approval and comments. If they are good, we will start the next step which is signing contract, if they are not approved, we will start another round of sampling for approval again.
3. Starting order: With the approval, we will sign an official contract with the customer, and the production schedule will be arranged. It takes about 30 days to produce the fabric, during this period, we will develop all kinds of accessories such as main labels, size labels, care labels and send them to the customer for approval and then arrange the production for them too.
4. Shirts sewn on lines: As soon as the fabric is ready, we will arrange the hemp tencel shirt men production on our sewing lines, and our quality control group will do in-line inspection during the whole period of hemp tencel shirt men production.
5. Packing: As per the customer’s request, we will make packing after the final products inspection. In order to protect the boxes from breaking during the shipping, we generally make our exporting cartons with 7 layers paperboard. It helps us to avoid the risk of cartons being damaged and hemp tencel shirt women being lost or soiled. The standard size of the carton is length 60 cm * width 35 cm * height 30 cm. We can also make the print and size as per customized requirement. From the fabric production to final packing, it generally takes 70 to 80 days for finishing the whole order.
6. Payment terms: Generally 30% of the total amount as a deposit for starting the production, and balance against the copy of B/L by sea or before shipping by air.
7. Shipping: According to the shipping terms on contract or what we agreed with our customer, our shipping section will arrange the air shipping, sea shipping to customer designated port or address.

MOQ of Hemp Tencel Shirt
The minimum order quantity for the hemp tencel shirt women is 150 pc each color.

Colors of Hemp Tencel Shirt
We do customized color and provide A B C color options for the customer to choose before dying.

Accessories of Hemp Tencel Shirt
We prefer to do customized accessories with sustainable materials, for example, the corn bags, it degrades completely in the earth. Anyway, we will follow the customer’s requirement

Easy Care of Hemp Tencel Shirt
Wash it in the most natural way: Machine wash cool, No bleach, drip dry in shade, do not tumble dry, warm iron. Hemp clothes can be dried quickly in natural air, save a lot of energy.

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