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Hemp Skirt

Garment dye customized cheap hemp skirt is another important branch of our products. In our hemp clothes family, more than half of the members are for summer, because of its excellent breathability and quick drying ability. The skirt is the most popular clothes for women to wear in hot summer days. The cotton skirt is also good, but not as good as low cost hemp skirt free sample. The skirt is the best for summer wearing, and the hemp is the best for skirt making. It is so natural and so classic as well, with such nice texture, hemp is a perfect material for. As an original manufacturer of hemp clothes products, we can provide fabric in different styles for the customer to choose. And we can produce the fabric according to the sample customer provided.

Hemp is an amazing material for making all kinds of the skirt. Regular skirt, long dress, frock, and short skirt. And it is suitable for all ages to wear, it looks simple but always elegant to show out the good dressing tastes of the wearers. The super breathability of hemp fabric bring you excellent comfortable wearing experience, especially in hot days, you can feel much cooler than wearing another skirt. And it is not easy to cling to your skin when you get sweaty. The Natural UV resistant ability of the hemp fiber will protect your skin from the sunlight hurting. And beside of above beautiful features, it is also Natural resistant to bacteria, it is hypo-allergenic non-irritating, like silk, organic cotton, and other natural it is really skin friendly.

Features of Hemp Skirt

1. The hemp fiber is very strong
The tensile strength of hemp is almost eight times that of cotton fiber, so the hemp fabric is pretty durable. So you can wear it much longer time and wash it repeatedly without worrying about losing its shape and good condition. And furthermore, the after each wash, you can find it gets softer and feels more comfortable.

2. Easy to care
As a natural fiber, it has been a very long history that hemp was used for clothes making. Because of its anti-bacterial nature, you don’t need to wash it as often as cotton or other material clothes. It means you can save precious water and your precious time as well. When you wash it, just follow the most natural way. Machine wash cool, No bleach, Place on hanger and hand smooth, drip dry in shade, do not tumble dry, warm iron. Hemp clothes can be dried quickly in natural air, so it saves much energy. The more times you wash it, the softer it will be. In order to get a variety of fabric textures and styles, we blend hemp with many different types of natural and artificial fiber, for example, hemp/tencel, hemp/lyocell, hemp/organic cotton, hemp/silk, hemp/bamboo/cotton, then we got new fabric which combines the advantages of different fibers and presents a lot of new wearing experience. As a professional OEM manufacturer, we established an excellent supporting team for our production.

Realchance is a professional China hemp skirt manufacturer, supply high quality&factory price customized cheap hemp skirt, if you want to wholesale high quality&factory price hemp skirt, welcome to consult wholesale hemp skirt factory price for free.

Design and Sample Developing Team
We have a very experienced design team of more than 5 people, and sample making team of 6 people. That enable us to develop new styles and implement unique designs from each customer.

Production Team
There are more than 150 sewing workers and 12 production lines in our factory. Our annual capacity is 150000 pcs of different clothes.

Quality Control Team
Focusing on the eco-friendly textile products for years, we established an experienced QC team.
The will keep tracking on the quality from the fabric weaving to garment sewing and the final inspection.

Shipping Section
As per the shipping terms on contract or what we agreed with our customer, our shipping section will arrange the shipping by air or by sea to customer provided address.

The minimum order quantity for the wholesale hemp skirt factory price can be low, for example, 150 pc each color, but consider the production cost, the big order quantity will help you to get a much lower price from us.

The customized colors can be supplied, generally, the customer provides PANTONE color code, and we follow it, sometimes customer sends us the color sample swatches, then we make color lab-dip on the correct fabric with option A B C for the customer to choose and make the final decision for bulk fabric dying.

Accessories and Packing
We do customized accessories, all the labels, tags, zippers, buttons, thread, packages and other accessories like trims. Generally, sustainable accessories will be suggested for using on clothes.
Such as the wooden or coconut button, degradable bag made from corn flour, cotton hang-tag string, etc.

Fabric Options
As what I’ve mentioned above, hemp performs excellently to blend with other natural fibers. Pure hemp, hemp and Tencel, hemp and organic cotton, hemp and silk.

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