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Hemp Jeans

Hemp jeans are very important members of our hemp clothes family. We make both woven and knitted hemp jeans of different styles, and now we added the low-cost hemp jeans to enrich the jeans varieties. We export a lot of low-cost hemp jeans to the Australian, U.S.A, and many European countries. Hemp is one of our favorite material for making all kinds of clothes. As earth loving green garment company, we focus on eco-friendly fibers for producing our clothes series. Actually, we love hemp so much. We think it’s amazing because it possesses so many excellent qualities which can protect not only our health but also the Earth’s. It is efficient, durable and comfortable. We’d like to share what we know about some unbelievable qualities of hemp.

What We Benefit From Hemp?

Hemp benefit #1 land saving
Hemp is a vigorous plant and high yielding crop. It almost can grow everywhere in the world, it needs just half acreage of which cotton does to harvest the same amount of fiber.

Hemp benefit #2 Chemical free
Hemp fiber is naturally anti-bacterial. Hemp kills staph and other bacteria on its surface. It is so vigorous like grass, so no pesticides and herbicides are needed during its growth. And as well, when hemp is made into clothes, it will still possess this nature which can prevent the odors even the clothes gets sweat in hot days. It is also safer in farm work because there is no use of a toxic agent.

Hemp benefit #3 water saving
Unlike cotton, hemp needs only a very small amount of water to grow, in some area, it is totally rain-fed. Because it’s deep and developed roots help hemp to absorb enough water underground.

Hemp benefit #4 soil saving
The developed root systems of hemp helps to prevent the topsoil from erosion, and it doesn’t deplete the soil like what cotton does, so we don’t need to rotate it. We can grow it repeatedly in the same land without worrying about its harming to the soil quality.

Hemp benefit #5 skin friendly
Hemp is hypo-o-allergenic and non-irritating, that means it is very skin friendly. Hemp is naturally UV resistant, it protects your skin from sunlight hurt. Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial, in a sense, it is skin guardian. Hemp fiber breathes excellently, it makes your skin feel cool in hot weather. Hemp fiber has very good moisture absorption which makes your skin feel dry in the wet surrounding.

Hemp benefit #6 Job saving
Hemp saves jobs!!!
Hemp is so high yielding, but it is still more expensive than cotton, why?
This question sounds interesting!
The real reason is that it needs much more manual labor in harvest and process, that means more people get jobs.
So we prefer to wear hemp.

Realchance is a professional China hemp jeans manufacturer, supply low cost&factory price hemp jeans, if you want to wholesale high quality&factory price hemp jeans, welcome to consult wholesale hemp jeans made in China for free.

As a professional and traditional OEM manufacturer, we own very experienced technical and production support teams

1. Designing and sampling team: The sampling team with 3 designers and 5 sample makers, enable us to realize the customers’ individual designs of ideas into real samples.
2. Production team: More than 150 staff working in 12 sewing lines in our workshop provide us annual clothes of different types up to 140000 to 160000 pcs.
3. QC team: Focusing on the green fiber products for so many years, an experienced quality control team is gradually established. Anything related to quality will be under their inspection and supervision. They will ensure the quality of each pc of the garment to reach customers’ quality standards. Nothing can be shipped out until they pass their final inspection.
4. Shipping section: As per the shipping terms, we agreed with our customer, our shipping guys will arrange the shipping by air or by sea to customer provided address.

MOQ of Hemp Jeans
The minimum order quantity for the China hemp jeans factory price will be negotiated, generally, it can be 150 pc each color if it’s using a woven fabric. Anyway, the bigger order quantity generally can lower down the unit production cost, so it will bring you a good discount.

Colors of Hemp Jeans
The jeans colors can be customized, and A B C color options will be provided to customers for making final approval before bulk fabric dying.

Accessories and Packing Materials of Hemp Jeans
We generally make our exporting cartons very strong with 7 layers paperboard to avoid the risk of being damaged on the shipping way.

How to Care for the Hemp Jeans
China hemp jeans manufacturer produced hemp jeans are very easy to care for, it tolerates hot water and high temperature well. But anyway, we still suggest to wash it with cold water, just to make less impact on the Earth. The hemp cotton t-shirt can be also air dried rapidly, just place it on a hanger and hand smooth, drip dry in shade. It will save a lot of energy.

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