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Folding methods for different types of clothing


When clothes are cleaned, we need to iron them and organize them. Of course, individual garments cannot be folded, and the method of folding is different for each garment. Take a short-sleeved T-shirt as an example, we need to fold back the short sleeves on both sides. , And then fold the hem of the garment to the back of the neckline, so that the garment will be very regular when it is stored and taken out again without excessive wrinkles.

Shirts are one of the indispensable clothing for most white-collar workers. New shirts will look very tall and straight. Of course, we can also store the shirts for this effect. Put the cardboard on the back of the shirt and put the sleeves on both sides. Fold it on the cardboard in a rectangular shape, and then fold the hem and collar of the garment. In addition, the buttons of the shirt must be fastened and folded for storage.

cotton and linen clothes

Hooded advertising shirts are also casual clothing that we often wear in our lives. So how to fold and store them? First, fasten the zippers of the hooded advertising shirts, then fold the hat forward, and fold the sleeves on both sides on the surface of the clothing. Fold-down the hem of the hoodie.

There are still many types of clothing that we need to fold and store in our lives. They are basically similar to the methods we introduced above. They can be wound into a ball like socks. Of course, clothing folding is to prevent wrinkles on the one hand and to make clothing and The outside dust is isolated, so as to avoid stains and messy clothes.

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