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Dip Dye Hemp Shirt

Dip dye hemp shirt is a new fashion style in our products line. As a professional eco-friendly garment manufacturer, we are not only focusing on the regular styles but also doing a lot of development on new dying technic on clothes. We tried the dip dye technology on the high quality dip dye hemp shirt, it appears very beautiful gradually changing color on the shirt, like a drop of ink, falls into the water. The dip dye hemp tencel shirt is really an amazing shirt, your eyes will tell you how nice it looks, and your skin will know how comfortable it feels. As a wholesaler of all kinds of dip dye hemp shirt factory price, we are focusing on the OEM service. We believe that the more options we can provide to our customers, the more chances our customers will give us. We have our own fabric looms for fabric weaving, and also have more than 15 garment sewing lines for garment making, it makes everything very easy for us to control. With the experienced designing team, we can make the shirt as per the buyer’s requirement, No matter what style or what color customer wants.

Product Details

I love hemp so much, that’s why time and time again, and I always try to tell people how wonderful the hemp is.

1. The ability of Natural UV resistance of hemp will protect your skin from the sunlight harm.
2. Its Naturally Antibacterial ability prevents occurring of odors even it is sweaty in hot weather.
Current tests and researchers show that hemp can kill staph and other bacteria on its surface.
3. Hemp is hypo-allergenic, it not irritating to the skin at all, it is a very good friend of the skin.
4. Hemp fiber is very breathable with excellent insulation. It keeps you cool in hot summer and warms in cool days of spring and autumn.
5. Hemp’s long fibers are very strong, much stronger than cotton’s. It makes the hemp fabric very durable, that’s why it had been widely used in sails and rope for the British and Spanish Navies. You can wear it longer than another shirt, but still, it will keep its shape and good condition.
6. It can be washed repeatedly. And the more times it gets washed, the more comfortable it will feel.
7. Hemp fabric can be dried quickly in natural air, so it will save a lot of energy, easy to care.
8. Hemp fiber can be well blended with many different types of natural and artificial fibers for creating a very wide range of styles, feels and properties.

Realchance is a professional China dip dye hemp shirt manufacturer, supply high quality&factory price dip dye hemp tencel shirt, if you want to wholesale high quality&factory price dip dye hemp tencel shirt, welcome to consult dip dye hemp shirt factory price wholesale.

What Hemp Saves?

1. Water: To grow hemp, it only needs the 1/20th amount of water which cotton needs. And alike wide weeds, hemp almost needs no water except for the natural rainfall for its growing. We are living in such an environment deteriorating and resource-poor age, each gallon of water we save is precious.
2. Soil: With tenacious vitality, it owns a very developed roots system not only helps hemp to absorb l lot of water in the soil for its living but also to hold the topsoil firmly and prevents the soil from erosion. And not like cotton and other crops which deplete the nutrients of soil, hemp doesn’t loot the soil. We can grow it in the same land year and year again without worrying about ruining the soil quality.
3. Environment: Hemp and cotton are both natural fiber, hemp doesn’t contain the pesticides, herbicide and chemical fertilizers which were never needed during its growth, but cotton does.
Like the weeds in nature, hemp grows rapidly and strongly without needing any extra care.
4. Land: Hemp is a very hearty crop with a very high volume of output, to get the same amount of hemp fiber, it only needs half or even less of the land which cotton needs. Then the land it saves can be used for another way or grow a forest.
5. Job: Because of hemp’s considerable output and its low growing cost, it should be a kind of very cheap fiber. But, it is still expensive.

So Why?
It is because, during its harvest and process, a lot of manual labor is needed, more people will get jobs. As the largest organ of the human body, our skin absorbs a considerable portion of what’s on it, so what we are wearing literally can be part of who we are. To wear hemp is to live a real green life. Our technical and production support teams.

Design and Sampling Team
As a professional manufacturer, we have our designers and sample making team, it provides us strong developing ability to create new styles and realize customers’ individuation designs.

Production Team
There are more than 150 sewing workers and 12 production lines in our factory. Our annual capacity is 150000 pcs of different clothes.

Quality Control Team
Focusing on the eco-friendly textile products for years, we established an experienced QC team.
They will keep tracking on the quality from the fabric weaving to garment sewing and the final inspection.

Shipping Section
As per the shipping terms on contract or what we agreed with our customer, our shipping section will arrange the shipping by air or by sea to customer provided address.

Minimum Order Quantity and Price
The minimum order quantity for the dip dye hemp shirt manufacturer is generally 150 pc each color, and less quantity is also acceptable, but the price will be a little higher because of the increased cost.

We do customized colors, and we provide A B C color lab-dips for the customer to choose before bulk order fabric dying. And of course, we are using sustainable dyes.

Accessories and Packing
We do all accessories customized, the tags, the labels, the packages, and other accessories. We generally suggest our customers use sustainable accessories. For example, the wooden or coconut button, corn bag, cotton hang tag string which makes no bad impact on the earth.

We have different hemp fabric options. For example, the 260 gsm heavier fabric using on long sleeve button down shirt for spring and autumn, and the lighter weight fabric which is under 160 gsm for making short sleeve button down shirt for summer.

Easy Care
Because of its natural feature of antibacterial, you don’t need to wash it as often as cotton or other material clothes. Please wash it in the most natural way: Machine wash cool, No bleach, Place on hanger and hand smooth, drip dry in shade, do not tumble dry, warm iron. Hemp clothes can be dried quickly in natural air, so it saves much energy. The more times you wash it, the softer it will be.

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