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Baby Bibs

These baby bibs produced by China organic cotton baby bibs supplier are very necessary for babies because the deciduous teeth begin to germinate, saliva secretion is more and more, the excessively secreted saliva will flow out unconsciously after 4-6 months. In this case, these organic cotton baby bibs free sample play a very important role to protect clothes. So that mommies cannot worry that their clothes will get wet no longer with it. Usually, these bibs are made of cotton blends waterproof fabric, and some others are made of plastics, etc… Obviously, plastic is not suitable for the newborns because of their delicate and unstimulated skin. And now, we have bamboo fabric can use on this bibs produced by China organic cotton baby bibs supplier, it’s softer than cotton and better than newborns. The main function of the bib towels is to wipe the saliva, milk and various complementary foods to protect the clothes. In about four months, the salivary glands will gradually develop. At this time, the baby’s saliva will increase, and the saliva towel will come in handy.

Application of Organic Cotton Baby Bibs

In addition to wiping saliva and protecting clothes, these can also be used for baby bathing, sweating and face washing. Use cool water and gently wash it by hand when cleaning these, do not use force to wring it out. After washing, gently flatten the shape down and then dry it naturally.

Styles of Baby Bibs

1. Triangle bibs–soft, beautiful and convenient, more suitable for big babies. But because this is generally with a not waterproof fabric. So mommies can prepare a few more replacements.

triangle bibs

2. Strap style–These organic cotton baby bibs free sample generally are small and relatively soft. Choose a slightly thicker layered one that can suck a little more. The bad thing about this is that it is generally not waterproof, and if the baby is more lively, it will turn around. Therefore, such a bib is more suitable for small months old babies. Small-month-old babies don’t turn their heads often, and this is soft. But maybe you will change it frequently because of this is with a not waterproof fabric.

strap style

3. 360 degrees–This is more suitable for a slightly larger lively baby, and the drooling will not flow to the clothes. Usually they with relatively thick fabric, some of them are with sandwiches, and some are double-sided…

360 degree

And some other styles, these are all can be customized according to your design.

Some Product Details

Product Type: colorful organic cotton baby bibs produced by China organic cotton baby bibs factory that you can custom logo
Age Group: Infants & Toddlers or other anyone who need them
Supply Type: In-Stock Items or custom you owns
Fabric Material: 100% Cotton or tell me fabric you want
Dying: Printed
Fabric Features: soft, breathable, eco-friendly, washable (it would be better if you can wash it in cool water by hand)
1. Safety Material
2. Adjustable neckband
3. Foldable and easy to carry
4. Catch dropped food
5. Easy to clean
6. Cute cartoon images
Size: 25*20cm, 33*30 or as you wish
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Realchance or as yours
Color/pattern: Over 21 colors that you can choose from stock, they are all of the safety and cute printings or tell me yours
Season: full of seasons is ok
Suitable Ages: newborns, toddlers, infant
Supply Ability: 5000 Pack/Packs per Month

How to measure

measure method

Technical of Baby Bibs

Item Organic cotton baby bibs
Material Cotton or bamboo blends
Yarn count 32s/2,21s/2,21s/1,16s,1 4s,10s,zero twist yarn, soft twist yarn
Size 25*20cm,33*30,42x29cm(16.5×11.4”), can be customized
Color Usually White, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue in stock, but can be dyed as yours
Stitching 1.Standard stitching

2.Covered edge

3.3-needle 5-thread interlock stitch

Technics 1.Imprinted 2.Embroidered 3.Jacquard 4.Applique 5.Emboss
Logo 1.Towel( Imprinted, Embroidered, Jacquard, Applique)

2.Washing label(print or weave or jacquard)

3.Packing(print, embroidery)

Features 1.skin care & no smell

2.low carbon & soft & comfort

3.high water absorbent

4.environmental protection

About Our Company

Realchance Industries Group Co., Ltd with many years experiences is specialized in production and sales all kinds of Children’s garments and apparel accessories. Also, we are a professional big factory, specialized in organic cotton baby bibs factory price and other, with this field through many years, Moreover, the principle we always maintain is “to provide customers with better quality, better price, and better service”.

Realchance is a professional China organic cotton baby bibs supplier, supply high quality&factory price organic cotton baby bibs free sample, if you want to wholesale high quality&factory price organic cotton baby bibs, welcome to consult wholesale organic cotton baby bibs factory price for free.

Why Choose Us?

1. High Quality–Quality Raw Material, Advanced Facilities, Fine Procedures.
2. High Productivity
3. Fast Delivery
4. Experienced Marketing Manager
6. Professional Design Department
7. Accept OEM & ODM
8. Excellent After-sales Service

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