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Another Way to Wear a Shirt


The topic of shirts will never be outdated. There are the exact side, the personality side, the sexy side, and the intellectual side. As long as you wear different colors and different ways, you can express any style you want to show. A popular way of wearing is to roll up the sleeves, intellectual and elegant temperament is appropriate, there is also an affinity in it, cultural T-shirts with skirts, factory price hemp shirt wholesale, etc., show many kinds of single products.

Another Way to Wear a Shirt

Hierarchical tailoring, whether it is the collar or the sleeve, is reflected in detail. The black and white shirt skirt is very classic, and the design of the white cuffs and pockets is simple and elegant. The shirt skirt exudes a strong neutral atmosphere, yet elegant and intellectual. With different shoes and bags, it can create a decent dress for the office OL, and it can also create a sense of sports and leisure.

Under such an intellectual item, how to highlight the femininity, modify it with bags and shoes dip dye baby ring sling carrier, and combine intellectuality and elegance. This combination is very harmonious, neutralizing the personality of these two most characteristic items, showing For the most authentic self, the overall dress needs to be soft and not to express a certain point too strongly.

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