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Realchance Eco Textile Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of sustainable garments and home textile products, we’ve been working on clothes production of eco-friendly fibers for 16 years.
Nowadays, there are 7 billion people living in this small planet, competing for water, food, fiber (clothes) and many other resources, and at the same time, human activities have made so much impact to our mother earth. In order to do something for her, to make her healthy again. So we are committed to promoting the use of fibers which need fewer waters, less energy, less harmful chemicals during its growing and processing, which should also be got from the sustainable and efficient crop. We believe, when we are helping the planet, it is helping ourselves, when we are trying to make the environment healthy, it is also the trying to make ourselves healthy. That’s why we decided to devote ourselves to the production of green clothes many years ago.
Our products range mainly covers the clothes made from green fibers such as hemp fiber, organic cotton, Tencel and bamboo, etc.

Some Certificate for Being Organic



In all above eco-friendly fibers, hemp is the real star, 70% of our products are made from hemp. We have more than 100 looms for fabric production, a big laundry for garment washing treatment, 15 sewing lines for garment processing and print houses for printing, with this complete production chain, we are able to organize the production and control the quality easily.

Our Laundry

our laundry

Our Sewing Lines

our sewing lines

As a traditional OEM manufacturer, we’d been doing the adults clothes for some brands of Netherlands, U.S, and Australia, such as HoodLamb, Braintree, Polo, and Margaret River.
As well, our company also do many baby clothing and other baby products like baby carrier wraps, baby sleep bag and baby diaper for customers from all over the world.

Our Production Supporting Teams

1. Design and sampling section
As a professional OEM manufacturer, our experienced designers and sample makers provide us the strong developing ability to create new styles and implement customers’ unique designs.

2. Production section
With more than 200 staffs and 15 production lines in our factory, our annual capacity is 150000 pcs of varieties of clothes.

3. Quality control team
Focusing on the eco-friendly textile products for years, we’ve established an experienced QC team which will keep tracking the quality from the fabric weaving to garment sewing and the final inspection before shipping.

4. Shipping section
As per the shipping terms on the contract or what we agreed with our customer, our shipping section will arrange the shipping by air or by sea to the customer provided address.

Look forward to doing something for you.

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